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It contains questions about the functional features of the Leadee plugin, its interface, as well as frequently asked questions and other popular inquiries. If you cannot find the correct answer, please contact us.

The plugin is very simple. Read the documentation and verify this:)

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Specs of Leadee

Getting Started

We have created an incredibly simple and convenient plugin that gathers data from the inquiries on your website.

If you have contact forms on your site and you collect leads, then you need Leadee.

It is suitable for everyone - entrepreneurs, marketers, and managers.

Currently, we support three forms: Contact 7 Forms, Ninja Forms, and WPForms.

In the near future, we plan to expand the list to make our community even larger!

Currently, Leadee functions well on PCs with screen resolutions starting from 1280 pixels. However, for a more comfortable experience, we recommend using modern screen resolutions of 1400 pixels and above.

Leadee is created for WordPress.

Other CMSs are not yet supported.

You can always download the current version of the plugin from the site Leadee.io.

  1. Download the plugin;
  2. Install and activate it;
  3. Access the plugin's interface


Don't forget to subscribe. Your purchases help further its development!

Initially, only users with administrator privileges can see Leadee and the inquiries within it.

Role management can be done through the User Role Editor plugin.

  1. Create a role, for example, "marketer".

  2. Go to the "plugins" section in the User Role Editor plugin and grant the "activate_plugins" permission to the marketer role.

  3. Assign the marketer role to the relevant user in the user management section.

  4. Log in as the designated user, and they will have access to the Leadee plugin.

If the plugin was not installed previously, Leadee will not be able to find and process earlier inquiries.

The plugin has its own request detector, which will only work when the mode is activated.

If the plugin was accidentally removed, to restore the inquiries, the plugin needs to be reinstalled.

Yes, it's that simple!

The plugin currently displays the date format according to US standards: month - day - year

Settings of Leadee

In almost every section of the plugin, there is a helpful guide with descriptions of the elements.

Click on the question mark icon, and it will open up for you.

In the Header, only the essential elements are displayed:

  1. Calendar - here you can select the desired period.
  2. Export button - allows exporting data to Excel and CSV formats. It exports tables with inquiries from the website. Currently, it does not include charts.
  3. ? - This is the Guide, your assistant. We mentioned it earlier.
  4. Purchase button

Sidebar - a functional working menu with blocks:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Work Space
  3. Plugin Settings
  4. Support
  5. Leadee news

On the main page, the following key data about the inquiries is gathered:

  1. Chart displaying the number of inquiries
  2. Column with the latest inquiries
  3. Goal achievements
  4. Quick display of the number of inquiries for Today, Yesterday, and the Week
  5. Sources of inquiries
  6. "Popular Screen Sizes" widget
  7. "OS Clients" widget
  8. "Popular Pages" widget

The news widget cannot be disabled. It is a simple and effective way to convey information.

There will be no spam in the widget. Examples of news may include plugin updates or the addition of new features.

Leads is a convenient table containing inquiries.

By default, all possible columns are enabled:

  1. Date - when the inquiry was submitted;
  2. Form fields - content of the inquiry;
  3. Source type - the source of the inquiry;
  4. Device type - type of source (mobile phones, PCs);
  5. Page - the page from which the inquiry was submitted;
  6. Device OS - user's operating system;
  7. Form type - Contact Form 7 (CF7), WPForms, Ninja Forms;
  8. Form - the name of the contact form;
  9. Source - the referral source;
  10. First visit params - parameters of the first visit;
  11. Browser - user's browser;
  12. Screen - user's screen size.

The columns can be customized in the "Leads table settings" section.

You can disable: Date, Source, First visit Params, and Browser.

In the "Leads table settings" section, you can enable or disable columns by toggling the switches.

Changes are automatically saved.

Important! If you disable all columns, you will see less data in Leads and in the exported tables with inquiries.

In the floating Header, important functional blocks are gathered, allowing you to select a date range (calendar) and export data in .XLS and .CSV formats (Export button).

While on the Leads page, select the desired date range. Then click on "Export" and choose the file format that is convenient for you.

We have disabled the deletion of inquiries in the table. Why? It often happens that website owners can accidentally or intentionally delete the wrong rows, and it becomes impossible to recover them.

There is nothing to worry about if you leave a test inquiry, as you will still be able to see it in the overall list.

Leadee categorizes traffic into several types:

  1. Search engines - inquiries submitted by customers who came from search engines.
  2. Advertising systems - inquiries submitted by customers who came from advertising campaigns.
  3. Social networks - inquiries submitted by customers who came from social media platforms.
  4. Referral traffic - inquiries submitted by customers who came from other websites.
  5. Direct traffic - inquiries submitted by customers who directly entered the website's address.

Important! To ensure proper functioning of Advertising systems and Social networks, it is necessary to tag them with UTM parameters.

For example, let's say you have an account on Facebook, Mastodon, or any other social media platform. You have placed an advertisement in a group or post. If you share a direct link without UTM parameters, the traffic will be attributed as coming from the social media platform, making it difficult for you to measure the effectiveness of your ad.

To avoid this, please use UTM parameters.

How and where can you create them? Please read this article: Collect campaign data with custom URLs

These data will be stored and displayed in the First visit params section.

On the Goals page, you can see the data about your monthly goals.

"What are these goals?"

For any business to thrive, it is important to understand how many customers need to be acquired within a specific interval, such as a month.

The same data is also displayed in the Dashboard in a dedicated widget.

On the Goals settings page, all the contact forms that Leadee has detected are displayed in a table on the left.

Why is this important?

Let's imagine that you offer services on all pages of your website except for the "Become a Partner" section and "Contact Form 1". In this case, you use these specific forms to collect commercial proposals.

To exclude inquiries from the "Contact Form 1" and focus only on other forms, simply uncheck the checkbox next to it and click the save button.

That's it! The changes will be applied.

To determine the number of customers, inquiries, and the cost of goals, we recommend using Decomposition.

Let's assume that you need to earn $1000 per month, and the profit from one customer is approximately $100.

The required number of customers: $1000 / $100 = 10 customers.

Out of 20 inquiries received from the website, only 1 becomes a customer.

Calculating the number of inquiries: 20 inquiries * 10 customers = 200 inquiries.

Calculating the cost per inquiry: $1000 / 200 inquiries = $5.

In summary: To earn $1000, you need to attract around 200 inquiries, where each inquiry is valued at approximately $5 per inquiry.

PS: For a more accurate calculation, we recommend reading articles on topics such as "sales funnel" and models like "ROMI" (Return on Marketing Investment).

Leadee does not overwrite data. Once you set a new lead price, all subsequent leads will have the new cost.

When you activate the plugin, it initially scans all your existing forms and activates itself to start capturing inquiries. By default, it sets the cost for each form as $1. We kindly ask you to take this into account and adjust the goal price if needed.

After activation, any newly added forms will not be automatically included, and your involvement is required.

To enable an added form for Leadee to capture inquiries from it, you need to go to the "Goals settings" section. You should see the form you created with one of the three plugins (CF7, Ninja Forms, or WPForms). Then, check the activation box next to the form, set the desired cost, and click the save button.

If you don't see any forms on the "Goals settings" page, there might be two reasons:

  1. You don't have any form plugins installed (CF7, Ninja Forms, or WPForms).
  2. If you have a form plugin installed, it's possible that you haven't created any forms within the plugin.

Please ensure that you have the necessary form plugin installed and create a form. Once you create a new form, simply refresh the "Goals settings" page, and Leadee will detect the form, and you will see your contact form listed.

Then, just specify the goal amount for the respective form, check the activation box, and click the save button to activate the form.

Leadee has the capability to identify key user characteristics by utilizing browser data. It can gather information such as the user's browser type, operating system, screen size, and other relevant details.

Additionally, Leadee relies on the use of Cookies to ensure its proper functionality. 

Automatic spam systems.

They do not rely on phones or PCs. The spam is distributed through code.

Other Questions

We have created an incredibly simple and convenient plugin that gathers data from the inquiries on your website.

If you have contact forms on your site and you collect leads, then you need Leadee.

It is suitable for everyone - entrepreneurs, marketers, and managers.

The data from the leads is stored only on your website.

Leadee does not provide automated data transfer to external servers.

Again, we do not have access to your leads.

You determine how much money to pay on a monthly basis for using the plugin - regular purchases.

"So, is it free?" - No. Any work should be rewarded. Thanks to your regular payments, the Leadee team continues to develop the plugin! But you set the price yourself. You can pay as little as $9,99 or even $19,99 per month.

Go to the email from the Paddle payment service. You will see a special link at the bottom of the email.

Click on it and complete the action.

You can subscribe back at any time.

Placing advertisements on a commercial basis is not provided for.

We respect our users and do not place paid advertisements.

However, the plugin administration may share something for free if it aligns with the concept. For example, if you have created a new design for the Leadee logo, created an illustration, or written an interesting case study on using the plugin, we can make an announcement on our news or page.

Specs of Leadee

Thank you to our families and friends! Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support, which allowed us to develop Leadee for over 2 years in our spare time.

A special thanks goes to the vast IT community, creating great products for the world.

You are awesome!

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